Errata Project & p-10

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The errata project featuring the work of Koh Nguang How, curated by p-10 Singapore. p-10 is the founding group of Post-Museum. We found some materials from p-10 when we were packing our studio.   Read More

Updates on Seelan Palay’s case

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Thanks to everyone who have been very concerned and about Seelan Palay and has been asking for his updates. He is serving his sentence now at Changi Prison until 16th Oct. For those who wish to to visit him, we are not sure of the procedure but think can check with prison services. An incident Read More

The Substation’s 25th Anniversary Conference

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The Substation celebrated its 25th Anniversary recently with a month of activities including The Substation Conference, which was entitled “What is Next? What was Now? 25 Years of The Substation”. The brainchild of Kuo Pao Kun, The Substation’s mere existence is an ode to the vision of the public intellectual and the tremendous support he Read More

Pink Dot SG #7

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We are proud to be part of the 28,000 at Hong Lim Park yesterday to participate in the amazing gathering of love that is Pink Dot. Looking forward to a discrimination-free future where we truly consider our LGBTQ community a part of Singapore! Here are some photos we took. #pinkdotsg Read More

Free my library!

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  No to censorship! No to destroying books! No to using our children as an excuse for your bigotry! And, here’s And Tango Makes Three.       Read More

Xinyao 32 years later

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It wasn’t totally unexpected that such a large crowd would attend The Songs We Sang: Back to Book City (我们唱着的歌:重返书城) this Sunday afternoon (6 Jul). It was after all a free event and a rare occasion to enjoy xinyao (新谣), a local Mandarin folk music movement that began in 1982, peaked in the late 80s and Read More

Freedom of speech?

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There are many ways our freedom of speech could be curtailed without outright censorship. The recent week or so has thrown up a few examples which could be considered as such. 1. MDA proposes amendments to the Public Entertainments and Meetings Act, including arts groups self-classifying their works and more power to MDA. See our previous post. 2. Lee Wen Read More

New book: Mobilizing Gay Singapore

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Just to plug the new book Mobilizing Gay Singapore: Rights and Resistance in an Authoritarian State, written by Dr Lynette Chua, currently Asst Prof of Law at NUS. It’s touted as a ground-breaking document of “the history of the gay rights movement in Singapore and asks what a social movement looks like under these circumstances”. It’s about Read More

Support the Arts NMP bid

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If you think it’s good to have a rep for the Arts Comm in Parliament, have a look at this link and put your name down to support Kok Heng Leun for the role: Read More