Hope everyone’s doing well, during this pandemic and general elections in Singapore. It is difficult not to think about the elections because the campaign is so short and so intense.

All these personal attacks on the opposition really rob precious time away from the discussion on the policies which affect our lives. Utter waste of time and not to mention that is just lame childish politics. PAP needs to grow up and talk about the policies and the bread and butter issues.

Taking from the SDP’s 4 yes, 1 no campaign by the SDP (ref their website – and can use any other party manifestos too).

Let’s pose questions for the PAP and make sure they can give an answer before the polls?

Will there be an increase on the GST in the next 4 to 5 years?

Can the GST be suspended for a year to help cope in the wake of covid pandemic?

How will the people who lost their jobs because of covid be taken care of in the wake of covid pandemic?

It is clear that the retirees and the silver generation are facing financial issues – and not coping. What are the current policies doing to help them and why is SDP’s retirement income of $500 not helpful towards solving their financial woes?

How are the current policies putting people first? I think it is useful to take a piece of policy and ask if that puts people first. Deliberate if they are truly ‘putting people first’ or other interests (corporate / economic / party) first?

e.g. How is calling for GE during COVID-19 putting people first?

No, to the 10 Million population.
How is the current direction of development of Singapore sustainable?