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No Country

The Guggenheim exhibition, curated by June Yap, is going to be showing in CCA from 10 May to 20 July. The exhibition “proposes a reevaluation of the region and its countries based on its cultural relationships, influences,...

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Veg butcher shop?

According to this article, 75% of the population in The Netherlands no longer eats meat daily, and The Vegetarian Butcher is having a field day meeting the demand for veg food. This is great news for everyone as livestock is a...

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Falling trees make sound

It’s finally proven! Falling trees make sounds even if no one is around to hear it. Unfortunately it’s unlikely we’ll experience this ourselves as human presence is almost always audible and often overwhelms...

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Blog-Post is our latest space which is set in the virtual world. This will serve as the blog and e-archive of Post-Museum. We’ll regularly post content which we find interesting and relevant. This space seeks to continue...

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Enwezor on censorship

In his article Spring Rain, in Artforum Summer 2011, Okwui Enwezor writes about Ai Wei Wei, the Sharjah Biennale and the recent petitions against censorship. < > “Variously...

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Madra on censorship

In her blog Pluversum, Beral Madra posts her press release about the removal of Aidan Salakhova’s sculptures from Azerbaijan’s pavilion which she curated in the 54th Venice Biennale....

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September 2020

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Really Really Free Chat Room #7: Another kind of singing at Home?

Really Really Free Chat Room #7: Another kind of singing at Home?

* Image from Chu Hao PeiSchedule for today:8.30pm Artist talk: World Dirt Association (WDA)9pm Artist talk: Gathering of Flocks In conversation with Khairullah Rahim, Rafi Abdullah and Woon Tien Wei9: 40pm Ivan Blow by Blow---------------------------------------------------As we are staying at home due to the lockdown of most services, social gatherings are greatly reduced.We are starting a series of live broadcast called the Really Really Free Chat Room which will broadcast every Tuesday, Thursday & Sunday, 8.30pm to Midnight SGT (UTC +8).

Posted by Post-Museum on Sunday, 26 April 2020