Errata Project & p-10

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The errata project featuring the work of Koh Nguang How, curated by p-10 Singapore. p-10 is the founding group of Post-Museum. We found some materials from p-10 when we were packing our studio.   Read More

Updates on Seelan Palay’s case

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Thanks to everyone who have been very concerned and about Seelan Palay and has been asking for his updates. He is serving his sentence now at Changi Prison until 16th Oct. For those who wish to to visit him, we are not sure of the procedure but think can check with prison services. An incident Read More

The Substation’s 25th Anniversary Conference

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The Substation celebrated its 25th Anniversary recently with a month of activities including The Substation Conference, which was entitled “What is Next? What was Now? 25 Years of The Substation”. The brainchild of Kuo Pao Kun, The Substation’s mere existence is an ode to the vision of the public intellectual and the tremendous support he Read More

Support the Arts NMP bid

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If you think it’s good to have a rep for the Arts Comm in Parliament, have a look at this link and put your name down to support Kok Heng Leun for the role: Read More

Arts NMP

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I’m not a fan of the NMP system but will be attending the ArtsComm Town Hall Meeting later during which a person will be chosen as a nominee to represent the Arts. It’s happening at 72-13 from 2.30pm. Whether you think having an Arts NMP makes a difference or not, this session should at the Read More

No Country

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The Guggenheim exhibition, curated by June Yap, is going to be showing in CCA from 10 May to 20 July. The exhibition “proposes a reevaluation of the region and its countries based on its cultural relationships, influences, affinities, and negotiations“. Exciting! Check out the calendar of events here. The exhibition’s title is apparently drawn from the opening line of the W. B. Yeats Read More

Awaken the Dragon workshops begin!

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We are now seeking participants for Awaken the Dragon 2014.Attend our workshop, learn more about ceramics and the dragon kilns, as well as create your own clay work! Your artwork will, with about 3,000 others, be fired in the dragon kiln for the largest ceramic firing in Singapore, during the Awaken the Dragon Festival (17-23 Nov). After Read More

The Bukit Brown Index in Unearthed

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A part of our artwork The Bukit Brown Index is on show in Unearthed, the first group exhibition in Singapore Art Museum under the helm of new Director Susie Lingham. Unearthed seeks to investigate our relationship with Earth and the natural world, and charts SAM’s new direction in encompassing and presenting projects and practices where Read More

Setting up in SAM

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       The exhibition is starting soon! Check out our work The Bukit Brown Index in Singapore Art Museum from 21 March to 6 July. More info here.   Read More