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Arts NMP

I’m not a fan of the NMP system but will be attending the ArtsComm Town Hall Meeting later during which a person will be chosen as a nominee to represent the Arts. It’s happening at 72-13 from 2.30pm. Whether you...

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No Country

The Guggenheim exhibition, curated by June Yap, is going to be showing in CCA from 10 May to 20 July. The exhibition “proposes a reevaluation of the region and its countries based on its cultural relationships, influences,...

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The nomadic life

Post-Museum ended our activities in our Rowell Rd space with Singapore Really Really Free Market 18 on 7 Aug. With the help of friends who have volunteered their time and effort, we finally moved out a week later and is now...

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Blog-Post is our latest space which is set in the virtual world. This will serve as the blog and e-archive of Post-Museum. We’ll regularly post content which we find interesting and relevant. This space seeks to continue...

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August 2020

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Really Really Free Chat Room #7: Another kind of singing at Home?

Really Really Free Chat Room #7: Another kind of singing at Home?

* Image from Chu Hao PeiSchedule for today:8.30pm Artist talk: World Dirt Association (WDA)9pm Artist talk: Gathering of Flocks In conversation with Khairullah Rahim, Rafi Abdullah and Woon Tien Wei9: 40pm Ivan Blow by Blow---------------------------------------------------As we are staying at home due to the lockdown of most services, social gatherings are greatly reduced.We are starting a series of live broadcast called the Really Really Free Chat Room which will broadcast every Tuesday, Thursday & Sunday, 8.30pm to Midnight SGT (UTC +8).

Posted by Post-Museum on Sunday, 26 April 2020