Ueno Care Club (Japan)

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We are presenting a new artwork in Tokyo as part of UenoYes. Entitled 上野ケアクラブ Ueno Care Club (UCC), our project seeks to create a place for people to meet, understand and care. It is a platform where we learn and practice caring for ourselves, the community in Ueno and the world. To kickstart UCC, we are Read More

Madou Sugar Industry Art Triennale (Taiwan)

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Post-Museum is participating in 麻豆糖業大地藝術祭 aka Madou Sugar Industry Art Triennale in Taiwan with a new presentation of Lessons Amongst Trees. Here are some photos of the preparations.        The Triennale will be on until 3 March 2019 in a number of spaces around Madou. Our installation is located in Tsung-Yeh Arts and Cultural Centre, opened Read More

Singapore Really Really Free Market is 10!

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This month marks the 10th anniversary of the Singapore Really Really Free Market (SRRFM). In 2008, during our Rowell Road days, we decided to start this Singapore chapter of the international movement because we saw the need for an alternative to the capitalistic society we live in.  How do we equitably share the wealth of Read More

Shenzhen 24th Dec Day Out

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After we finished installing Lessons Amongst Trees, we went to visit the other parts of Shenzhen. Finally organised the images. Will be sharing here… in a flashback kind of way.  Note, the photos are taken are on 24th Dec 2017 – almost a year ago but this blog-post is published today.  Over and out, Tien.  Read More

Makcik Index at ONE NIGHT ONLY

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Dear friends! Come this Friday evening to see the work from the participants to Tien’s workshop Elective, Welcome to the Jungle at Lasalle’s Winstedt Campus. EVENT PAGE There are food, ice cream and some churros … rewarding us all for coming together. Featured here is the collective work called the Makcik Index that references a Read More

Errata Project & p-10

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The errata project featuring the work of Koh Nguang How, curated by p-10 Singapore. p-10 is the founding group of Post-Museum. We found some materials from p-10 when we were packing our studio.   Read More

Updates on Seelan Palay’s case

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Thanks to everyone who have been very concerned and about Seelan Palay and has been asking for his updates. He is serving his sentence now at Changi Prison until 16th Oct. For those who wish to to visit him, we are not sure of the procedure but think can check with prison services. An incident Read More

Subsair update: 14 Aug

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This was posted on The Substation’s FB page. Duplicated here for those of you not on FB and also for our own records. Post-Museum started a 2-month residency in The Substation on 11 Jul. Post-Museum Residency Update: Ghosts, Hauntings, the Seventh Month One of the first things we heard about The Substation residency was that Read More

Recce Trip for Jakarta Biennale 2015

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Post-Museum has been invited to participate in Jakarta Biennale 2015: “Neither Back Nor Forward: Acting in the Present” as one of the artists. We will be working with the community in Rumah Susun Marunda in Cilincing, Jakarta Utara, to create Jakarta Really Really Free Market. This will be the fifth in our RRFM Series, where we create the Read More