This month marks the 10th anniversary of the Singapore Really Really Free Market (SRRFM). In 2008, during our Rowell Road days, we decided to start this Singapore chapter of the international movement because we saw the need for an alternative to the capitalistic society we live in. 
How do we equitably share the wealth of our society, both in terms of knowledge and material goods? How do we live our lives in compassionate and sustainable ways? How do we put people before profits? How do we embrace freedom together? 
After almost 60 sessions of SRRFM (and co-starting several chapters in other cities), we believe that people love freedom, and they intuitively know how to be caring and loving. All we need to do is just to find the ways to encourage and nurture these behaviours. We also believe that, in this age of climate change and impending societal collapse, this alternative that the SRRFM puts into practice is more important than ever as it embodies the way that we can move forward together.
We are heartened to see SRRFM grow over the years. We thank the regulars who have followed us around for so many years, and we welcome new people who want to be part of this movement. Let us continue to spread the spirit of SRRFM so that it truly becomes a part of our lives in Singapore and beyond!

Here are some photos from SRRFM59 which was held at EarthFest (