Dear friends,

I wish to apologise for the inadequate citation of the image used in relation to the recent Call for Proposals for Post-PopUp. Some members of the public rightly pointed out that it was inadequately cited and needs to be rectified.

As a project, More than [show] business: Post-PopUp at CCA values the spirit of sharing. Although the creator of the image did not raise this, I felt that it was important for me to rectify this with adequate details to her wonderful work.

An errata is now being issued with regards to the image used in the following publicity materials for the Call for Proposals for Post-PopUp:

  4. 26 June 2014 posting! OPEN CALL !

Please follow these emendations with care.

Change Image: Heather Chi, “Can space speak?” diagram, (2014) to

Figure adapted from “Model of a ‘praxis’of creativity and explanatory notes” (Heather Chi, 2011) for Post-PopUp at CCA, Gillman Barracks, Singapore, June-Sept 2014.

Used with kind permission from the author.*

* Chi,Heather (2011) Can Space Speak?Independence, Creativity and Social Action in Singapore: A Case Study of Post-Museum. Unpublished B. Soc. Sc. Honours thesis, Department of Geography, National University of Singapore.


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