Renew Earth Sweat Shop Community presents

Your Inner Fish
By Liz Zhu, Aditya and Jun

Sat Jan 13, 2024

3:00 PM – 7:00 PM SGT

It’s a laid-back gathering and participatory workshop where people come together to relax, express, and savour the moment. Simultaneously, we embark on a journey to revisit our past by sharing and transforming the pre-loved items we’ve chosen to part ways with. The concept of ‘Your Inner Fish’ revolves around the endless exploration of knowing and unknowing and the profound interconnectedness of all creatures, great and small. With a sense of respect and fearlessness towards ourselves and others, the audience breathes new life into alienated items through the art of upcycling, offering them a second chance in our interconnected tapestry of existence.

By combining elements of art, sustainability, and socialising, Your Inner Fish offers a distinctive and immersive experience for attendees, encouraging them to reconsider the value and potential of the objects they bring to the party.

Entry Requirement:
Participants must bring a personal object, particularly fashion items they no longer use, feel attached to, or want to dispose of. This object serves as their ticket to the workshop.

What will you be doing:
Participants will contribute to an installation by upcycling their personal objects. This may involve cutting, sewing, draping, using safety pins, hangers, ropes, or any other creative method to transform and repurpose their items.

Community Engagement:
The event encourages a sense of community by having everyone contribute to the installation. This collaborative effort in upcycling and creating art fosters a shared experience.

The atmosphere will be enhanced with a DJ and live music by Aditya and Jun. This adds a lively and enjoyable element to the workshop. As it is also a work about holding a collective space, people are encouraged to move with or within the installation, dance and simply express themselves.

* Bring your own drinks and food to share

Liz ZHU Shichun is an interdisciplinary art practitioner who graduated from the National University of Singapore and trained as a fashion designer in London. By mobilising her design vocabulary and connecting with the existing materials and underrepresented surroundings, Liz probes into the shifting identities and fluidity of social behaviours within various communities. As a dancer and choreographer, her endeavour on somatic movements juxtaposes versatile upcycling projects and curatorship. Her rethinking of the definition of fashion and ongoing investigation of the ways of wearing projects reimagines and delves into the Intersection of art and fashion with wearable and interactive creations that are crafted to captivate and engage audiences.

aaditya sundar is a multi-disciplinary artist who explores the spaces where people, places and time intersect.

JUN is an experimental artist who majors in music production & poetry.

YOUR INNER FISH is part of Bamboo Broadcast Studio for Alternative Ecology during the Singapore Art Week 2024.