1 Dies, 1000 Grow
An exhibition of woodcut works by Jeremy Hiah.

Venue: Your Mother Gallery,
91A Hindoo Road, Singapore 209126
Opening Times: Tuesday – Sunday 12pm to 6pm

1 Dies, 1000 Grow comes from a title of one work in this show. The work depicts a hand holding a burning candle entwined with a mesh of barb wires ‘growing’ out from a black mound. The burning candle entwined with barb wires reminds us of the logo of Human Rights NGO, Amnesty International (AI) whose work focuses on campaigning against the injustices around the world. This work refers to a series of performance artworks where Hiah was ‘buried’ and the audience confronts a live version of the image seen in this woodcut print.

It would be limiting to see this print as an extension of Hiah’s performance work but rather an artist whose artistic practice is fluid in nature where he is comfortable moving between different mediums. In that way, Hiah’s practice is not specific to a medium but his art is worked through over time through a variety of mediums. Hence, this exhibition, 1 Dies, 1000 Grow is the current reworking of Hiah’s art, life and thoughts. Notable within the show is his current preoccupation and exploration of Taoism through the thoughts of Lao Tzu and Chuang Tzu.

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