Renew Earth Sweatshop is back and we will be hosting our Sewing Workshop on 3 dates this NDP weekend!Indicate your preferred timing at past months have been deeply sobering. Collectively, we are re-emerging into a world of greater caution where our circles and communities have explored the online and now, a thoughtful transition to socially distanced re-connection.We hope to gather these new reflections, inspirations, and thoughts with our ‘sweatshop’ as we create wearable creations together that tell of our story and aspirations for a new shared reality.Since our online workshops, we have been deeply grateful to partner with Swapaholic to let us upcycle quality second-hand fabrics and garments from their collection. The Green Collective remains our partner and wonderful source of friendship and support.So come pick up design, sewing and a variety of making skills or simply to sew together. With your creation, you will also be joining personalities from the fashion, green and art industries in Singapore in a fashion photo shoot and showcase later in the year.Participation is free.We want to keep you SAFE during these Covid-19 times and will be implementing distancing measures between up to 5 participants at our workshops and open workspaces at any one time.Indicate your preferred timing at

Post-Museum’s Renew Earth Sweatshop is a community and participatory art project reacting to the environmental impact and labour conditions linked to the global fashion industry. Renew Earth Sweatshop is an attempt to ‘reverse’ sweatshops – to become what a sweatshop is not, to counter waste, to rethink labour and ultimately to renew our earth. Through a creative learning experience, our sweatshop aims to transform our participants from a mere consumer to one with skills, with choice and power of a good story.For more questions about participating in or collaborating with our project, contact
This project is supported by the National Arts Council, Arts Fund and LearnSG.