3 performance artworks by Wang Chuyu, Qiao Shengxu, Liu Nanxi from “Latent Action” Performance Art Institute, as part of their Asian Village Project.

There will also be a dialogue session with the artists on Sun (25 Sep) 3-5pm.

About Asian Village Project

Had been taking agriculture as the mainstay of society for millions of years, Asia embarked on a sudden change of urbanization after the rise of the western modern civilization. This is a major turning-point of Asian Culture. Precisely under this cultural and political context, this project starts as Asian performance artists’ movement on village research.

In the values discourse of “modern civilization”, “Village” is described as the alien “other”, the “obverse” of modernization and “underdeveloped areas”. Undoubtedly, this discourse shaped and emphasized that the process of approaching modern urbanization and civilization actually is the disappearing of “village”. Village, being transformed, defined and occupied by “modern civilization”, has been declining and vanishing; during which, mountains and rivers, natural circulation of production, morality and politics of world ethics have been threaten with extinction by the violence of modernity. Village is reduced into fragments and struggling on its last gasp under the despoiling and striking from capital desire. It has been degenerated into a world willfully manipulated by modern discourse: the whole history of colonized Asian is the memory of shattering and dying village, which is utterly rotted in the narrative of modern aesthetics and setting foot on the road leading to museum under people’s recall.

One day, if humans find themselves have no way to go among those intensive highways, would village still exist when we look back? Would it be possible to regenerate village? Where could human body have poetic dwelling peacefully? What kind of sound and concept can be conveyed when art intervenes into village? How art practice in Asian village could extend our thoughts? This would be the questions and thinking path that we will face and deal with during this village project.

Under such background, “Latent Action” Performance Art Institute initiated this Asian Village Project.

This project, as part of “Latent Action” Asian Performance Art Project, would collaborated with performance art organisations and institutes in Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, Taiwan and Philippines.

[Part of Survey: Space, Sharing, Haunting, curated by Post-Museum]