For the second iteration of Squatting Knowledges, Manila-based DiscLab | Research and Criticism socializes their inquiry on failure as a shared horizon and as a site of reflexivity among precarious art and cultural workers within the provisional context and coordinates of the so-called “international” that is Singapore.

As failure is normalized and adorned as a necessary catalyst of production, DiscLab refetishizes failure as a rhizome for discussion in order to subvert the politeness towards it, to render it as a material condition, and as a radical ground for solidarity and kinship. The overdetermined communication channels of institutions and the inherent contingency of independent and non-aligned initiatives to institutions have calcified the articulation of failure—foreclosing its transference to larger socioeconomic and political issues or discursive fields. DiscLab responds to this situation by employing a common organizational strategy and uses it as surrogate site to extract failure from its comfortable habitus.

In “Failure/s in a constellation and as a tribunal”, DiscLab takes the role of insufficient interlocutors who speculate on the activity of failures when they intermingle and on the function of failures when they become a tribunal. The one-day programme is composed of three streams of conversations/discussions with cultural producers attached to the place called Singapore. DiscLab plays with the tripartite format of job interview to engage with the participants. This method allows multiple disclosures: The interview commences with a professional declaration of past experiences and background, and culminates with an intimate sharing of personal stories. Here, failures are prolonged, streamlined and contextualized in a spectrum. The interview format also provides an opportunity to ask sensitive, sensationalizing, and intrusive questions about failure under the guise of requirements for employment/hiring process. The program concludes with a roundtable discussion where participants and DiscLab moderators reflect on their performative gestures, outburst, and other modes of activating their failures.

Participants: Seelan Palay and Dr. Elmo Gonzaga, Post-Museum, and DiscLab Research and Editorial Collective

A modest publication titled FAILURES (October-November 2014) gathers reflections and positions on failure. Contributors include Elaine Ho/HomeShop, Kevser Guler, Donna Miranda, Alia Swastika, Cian Dayrit, Javier Toscano/Laboratorio 060, Lourdes Morales, Buen Calubayan, C&G (Clara Cheung and Gum Cheung), VILE/RATS (Richard Streitmatter-Tran and Le Tuong Vi)

Squatting Knowledges at CCA is made possible by the generous support of Kalaw-Ledesma Foundation, Inc. and Post-Museum.

This event is part of More than [show] business – Post-PopUp at CCA. The project More than [show] business – Post-PopUp at CCA is a collaborative effort between Post-Museum and CCA, led by curators Anca Rujoiu and Vera Mey, with the additional support of the National Arts Council (NAC).

[Image credit: Jan Pineda]