Post-Museum is taking part in M.E.L.T.ING Project, a conversation and exhibition project discussing modernity, its problems and possibilities.

*3 May, 3-11pm
What is the Foundation of Social Change?
Howl Space, Tainan []

We will speak on Artistic Practice in Singapore’s Renaissance and host a ghost story telling event.

*15 May – 28 June
M.E.L.T.ING Project Exhibition
MoCA Taipei []

We will be showing The Bukit Brown Index.

*17 May, 10am-5.30pm
Dialogue as Method
MoCA Taipei

We will be participating in a dialogue, with Chen-Wei Lin and Fang-Tzu Hsu, entitled The Ethics of Listening to the Deceased: Bukit Brown Cemetery and Liuzhangli Mass Grave.

*12 Jun, 3-5pm
The Politics of Remembering in Singapore vs The Aesthetics of Oblivion in Taiwan
MoCA Taipei

Also featuring Lisa Bauer-Zhao, Li-Dong Zhao, Fang-Tze Hsu, Jun-Honn Kao, and Dian Mai. Curated by Yves Chun-Ta Chiu.

[This event is OutPost 89]