Thanks for supporting The Soup Kitchen Project

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Special shout-out to everyone who’s made it possible for us to continue The Soup Kitchen Project in 2015: Anthony Huang, Ed Boon, PayPal, Robin, anngee, Sharon Lim, Charles Moy, Kenneth, Cherane and Jerane Tan, Christopher Tay, Pauline Leow, Michelle Mok, Caprice Stolle, Cindy Woo, Susmita Lim, Sharon Ng, Joanne Tan, Edmund Kong, Adrienne Pereira, Mel Read More

Pink Dot SG #7

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We are proud to be part of the 28,000 at Hong Lim Park yesterday to participate in the amazing gathering of love that is Pink Dot. Looking forward to a discrimination-free future where we truly consider our LGBTQ community a part of Singapore! Here are some photos we took. #pinkdotsg Read More