The last day of Janice’s exhibition. Janice will be giving a talk about her work.

UOL Library will be popping up at this event.

Thank you for Your MOTHER gallery – for letting us use your space!

For more info see below:

Artist Bio:
Janice is an artist who likes nature more than humans. Working with analogue and darkroom photography along with materials from nature, she is interested in the relationship between nature and societies, and how various societies have constructed their own notions towards nature. She is also interested in the presence of unseen beings, often giving life to them, such as the mystical six-tailed arctic fox.

UOL Library is a nomadic pop-up library of University of Life (UOL).
The library pops up so that students from UOL can use it between events.

“Ignorance is bliss: If we know nothing, you learn everything”
The UOL is a university without walls – in a metaphysical and physical sense. UOL is made up of a cluster of independent education institutes, centres and clubs offering a myriad of learning activities. UOL is an education arm of Post-Museum.