Art in the Age of Climate Crisis

What is the problem with fashion in SG, Southeast Asia and globally?

“A community that sews together, learns together, could perhaps change and be the change together.”

is a community and participatory art project reacting to the environmental impact and labour conditions linked to the global fashion industry.

The story of clothes is a big part of the globalised economy that has a myriad of issues that reveal the dark side of globalisation. With each stop in the global life cycle of clothes, there appear to have little or no relationship with other phases of this cycle. How can we start to solve a global problem locally?

“The everyday action of clothing oneself is not only an action of utility or style. The act – that choice – connects us to a larger often invisible world of people who make the clothes, who distributes the clothes, who collects the clothes at the end of its life cycle and who must deal with the discarded clothes as an unrelenting monstrous whole resulting from all everyday actions.”

Renew Earth Sweat Shop SEWING WORKSPACE  & Public Exhibition


Sat 28 & Sun 29 November 2020

Venue: HEARTH art space by Art Outreach
#01-24, Blk 47 Malan Road, Gillman Barracks, Singapore 109444

Renew Earth Sweat Shop is a community and participatory art project reacting to the environmental impact and labour conditions linked to the global fashion industry. Renew Earth Sweat Shop is an attempt to ‘reverse’ sweatshops – to become what a sweatshop is not, to counter waste, to rethink labour and ultimately to renew our earth.

In the past 7 pandemic months, Renew Earth Sweat Shop conducted a series of public sewing workshops, first online, then as the country slowly opened up, in small groups. They are given free reign to turn a mountain of used, discarded and rejected clothes into new wearable creations, as they inevitably pick up new skills in fashion design and making.  Over 70 people committed to sew together while masked and socially distanced, turning used, discarded and rejected clothes into new wearable creations. Our public exhibition puts these participants and their creations centrestage. 

HEARTH art space by Art Outreach at Gillman Barracks will open its doors on 19 Nov as a sewing workspace as participants continue to create as our exhibition is built around them and with them. A global problem can only be tackled by communities willing to connect, convene and work together. For the month of November 2020, this is that community.

Safe distancing measures apply. Maximum 6 pax at all times in the space at all times. 

Fashion sustainability eco-system in SG

Mapping of Fashion Sustainability in SG

What can you do?

We welcome volunteers and other inputs into mapping this ecosystem of change. Contact us if you wish to contribute.

Why map?

We mapped the sustainable fashion ecosystem in Singapore. To know what we can bring to this movement, we should know as much as we can with this movement. 

What are we mapping?

This map is an ongoing map marking the relationships between various change-makers in sustainable fashion, from independent artists to non-profit organisations and educational institutions. Through this map, you can find out how to get involved, which events to participate, how to learn more about sustainability in fashion, which films to watch, which projects to follow, which brands to buy from.

Could the people as well as those on the fringe wear their creativity and emotions about the state of our earth and climate in a way that tells a story of their humanity?

Together we can. 

Through the Renew Earth Sweatshop project, we hope to bring together fashion industry professionals, materials scientists, environmentalists and known and unknown personalities of Singapore to crack the enormous global problem of fast fashion.

Learning collectively

Building on these community endeavours with Renew Earth Sweatshop, we will work with a wide local and international community of grassroot organisers, artists, zero waste volunteers, second-hand goods organisations and international organisations to bring an engaging community art experience to a public audience.

Building Blocks

About Us

Post-Museum is an independent cultural and social space in Singapore which aims to encourage and support a thinking and pro-active community. It is an open platform for examining contemporary life, promoting the arts and connecting people. In addition to their events and projects, they also curate, research and collaborate with a network of social actors and cultural workers.

Veronyka Lau is an English Lit grad, social and animal welfare advocate, martial artist turned artist. Arriving into art after activism, her works often explore feminine power and its mercurial quality for conveyance and resistance in a climate of crisis and decline. She is a co-curator for a performance art collective Wu Wei. 



Veronyka Lau

The exhibition is supported in part by
National Arts Council
Arts Fund
LearnSG Fund

Workshop Credits
Auntie Bee, Sewing Maestro
Agatha Lee, Sewing Maestro
Derrick Lim, Assistant Facilitator
Fie Neo, Artist Assistant


Workshop Location
Light Edition
3 Pumpkin


Adrian Heok


Special Thanks
Tan Tee Seng
Tan Li-Anne
Green Collective


We also thank the following who were in conversation with us before the pandemic caused a change in plans:

Fashion Makerspace
Fashion Revolution SG
Lasalle Fashion Department
Salvation Army
Temasek Shophouse