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OPEN *swop

Do you like to swop? Post-Museum is organising a swop party where everything can be swopped! Bring your pre-loved books, cds, clothes, etc. or offer your services to be swopped. Every item of reasonable condition will be awarded...

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OPEN *home

Post-Museum is offering a cozy and affordable crashpad for artists and other cultural workers who are coming to Singapore to visit the Singapore Biennale (and other cultural events) in March. We have a large air-conditioned room...

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OPEN *movie

OPEN *movie is a series of Wed nights (from Mar to May) when friends share their favourite movies. If you have a dvd of your favourite movie and you can’t wait to share it with others, email us at admin@post-museum to let...

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Perspectives from the Ideal City

A photo exhibition by architect, educator, sculptor and photographer Peter Chen that documents familiar civic icons in various states of abandonment, stasis or disappearance, ‘Perspectives from the Ideal City’ calls...

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Introduction to portrait drawing

Join this 3-hour workshop to get started with drawing! This workshop is led by artist Marc Loh. A quick introduction to equip you with basic knowledge and skill so you are capable of exploring the art of portraiture, with...

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October 2021

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