Little Red Shop presents, supported by Theater GIGA, Space Production Company and Post-Museum, as part of GIGA’s 15th anniversary Asia Tour:

The Cauldron of Kibitsu from the story of “Tales of Moonlight and Rain” originated by: Akinari Ueda”


Shoutaro has always been indulging in sake and women and he has never had a proper job. Shoutaro’s parents were extremely worried about her son so they decided to get him married with Isora. Isora is a good girl in nature and always have good feelings for Shoutaro. Even though with the warnings from the Kibitsu shrine, the two families insisted and completed the awful marriage, ignoring the curse of Caldron.

A leopard can never changes its spot, just after the marriage Shoutaro returned to his former sensual pleasures of life and met a prostitute named Osode. Shoutaro was fascinated by Osode and eventually eloped with her.

After been abandoned, Isora suffered from depression and soon after her illness deteriorated and her life ended in tears.

Misfortune occurred one after another, Osode’s life was taken away, during the road of elopement and Shoutaro was left with nothing. During Shoutaro’s trip to Osode’s burial chamber, he encountered the spirit of Isora. Driven by fear, he seek for a priest to break the spirit of Isora.

Shoutaro was told within 42 days, he should be isolated at home with closed window and doors, otherwise death will come to him. Every night, Shoutaro heard the loud scream of Isora. And night after night the scream gets harsher, louder and even scarier. Finally came the last night. The 42nd night…


Discussion on fringe theatres in Taiwan and Macau (and other Chinese cities) by Richard Chua, Artistic Director, Little Red Shop

Discussion on fringe theatres in Fukuoka, Japan by Erica Yamada, Artistic Director, GIGA.

Discussion and Interaction with artistic members in GIGA. A theatre workshop will be carried out by Japanese members of GIGA.

There will also be an evaluation and feedback held as an open discussion. Specific issues and questions on fringe theatres in Japan and Singapore could be raised.

This forum is a healthy platform providing networking opportunities for young theatre practitioners (and potential ones as well) between Japan and Singapore.

Supported with love:
Photography of Production Visual: Dan Yeo (White Room Studio)
Concept and Design of Visual: Isaac Tng


25 March 2011, 8pm
26 March 2011, 3pm and 8 pm
27 March 2011, 3pm (Young People Forum on Fringe Theatres)


$25 ($20 Concession for seniors, students and children)

Email or SMS (Please include No. of tickets): 94517256 (Rei) / 93267539 (Red)