Post-Museum relaunches Show Room with Yamamba* & Other Stories by Masahiro Wada. A one-night only installation of four of his video works, Yamamba & Other Stories presents an uncanny and unsettling world, which Wada has sculpted from 2015-2018, inspired by life in contemporary Japanese society.

Masahiro Wada (b. 1977) is a sculptor whose recent practice has been focussed on the production of video works which include installations and performances. To Wada, the process of video editing (cutting and pasting time) is akin to sculpting time, like digging an image out of a block of material.

Wada is currently producing his largest project yet: a movie entitled Songs for My Son. We will take this opportunity to also help him raise funds to make it happen, please bring cash!

The full address is Blk 192 Pandan Loop Pantech Building #06-29 S128381. Japanese tidbits and drinks will be provided.

*Yamamba is Japanese for “mountain witch”
[Image is from Yamamba]
[This is OutPost 242]