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Date: 2016
Materials: Picnic Basket, Food, Manual, Mat and friends
Dimensions: 150cm by 150cm
Exhibition history: 2016 Arts Week, Gilman Barracks, Singapore

In line with Singapore Arts Club’s goal to encourage visitors to enjoy Gillman Barrack’s lush greens, Post-Museum created a new artwork entitled “Extreme Picnic”, to be held on the evening of 22 January 2016.

Taking advantage of Gillman Barrack’s vast open areas, Extreme Picnic is limited to 30 editions. Collectors/participants are required to come in groups of 3-5 people, and each group will receive a set of “props” with which they are to execute the Extreme Picnic. The props include a picnic basket, a mat, The Extreme Picnic Manual, and a selection of well-loved food and drink items from the Food #03 menu. Collectors/participants are required to choose a picnic spot, partake in the food and drinks, and conduct a conversation as outlined in The Extreme Picnic Manual.

Extreme Picnic is a development from Post-Museum’s interest in issues of community, space and land contestation. The project is a mash-up of Extreme Sports and picnics, and seeks to encourage people to reclaim and inaugurate recreational and free land for their own use. The project also places emphasis on the act of spending time conversing with one another. It is our hope that collectors/participants not only enjoy Extreme Picnic, but are inspired to actively appreciate and protect the environment and the people around them.