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Date: 18 August to 5 September 2012
Venue: Goodman Art Studio
Exhibition history: Artist Caravan’s Studio
Courtesy: Post-Museum

This is an exhibition of artworks created by Atelier Rakyat. Untitled (Lions’ Dreams) sees Atelier Rakyat taking contemporary Singapore as a readymade through the use of gifts given to a low-income family.

Atelier Rakyat is the people’s art workshop which allows people to make art for the people and seen by the people. This is an on-going project by Post-Museum inviting the people to make art which would visualise the world around them and through it visualise the future they wish for.

Untitled (Lions’ Dreams) brings together some thoughts on aspirations, collaboration, commodity, national football and urban poverty. Drawings, paintings, sculptures and merchandise are for sale from $2, with proceeds going to the low-income family.

Entry to the exhibition is pay-what-you-want; please call/SMS 92386609 to make an appointment. Exhibition venue is Artists Caravan Interoptic Gallery, Blk B, #02-03, Goodman Arts Centre, 90 Goodman Rd.



Mdm S, her Malaysian husband and 5 children live in a 1-room flat and are recipients of Monday dinners from The Soup Kitchen Project. Her children are still in school and 4 of them suffer from chronic illnesses such as epilepsy, thalassemia, bronchitis and leukemia. Trips to the polyclinic and hospital are a monthly affair and the doctor has said her youngest child will only have 2 more years to live. Even so, they were coping with the difficulties when she and her husband were earning about $1,500 a month. Things became worse when Mdm S herself became ill earlier this year and was given a 1-year MC. Her husband is the only one currently working (in a building maintenance job) and they are struggling to make ends meet.


Items for Sale

All sale proceeds will go to Mdm S. Minimum prices are listed for the merchandise (we encourage you to purchase at a higher price) while artworks will be sold to the highest bidders.



The Lion’s Dream

Stack 1 (60 Singapore In the World Cup footballs forming an arrow)

Stack 2 (98 For the Love of the Game folders forming a pyramid  )

Stack 3 (106 Income cases forming a block)

Stack 4 (216 S. League Yeos sweatband watches forming a block in the corner)

Stack 5 (111 Young Lions rubber wristbands forming a block in the corner)