Venue: The Agora

Address: The Agora, 28 Sin Ming Lane #03-142 Midview City, Singapore 573972.
Date: 27 August 2015
Time: 7.30pm

Dear fellow participants,

Thank you for having attended the first session of this series.The first session was very interesting for me to listen to the different backgrounds and perspectives of the participants, following my introductory presentation on the processes that i thought are important for initiating working relationships with members of the public.

This second session will be more responsive in nature to participants’ curiosities (including mine), positions and ideas. In our discussion I also hope we can explore a critical language that are constructive in self-reflection, peer and knowledge engagement and in being attentive to relationships with the different others.

One of the themes for this coming session will be to explore the ideas of working in different everyday public spaces and scenarios. We will be paying attention to the different conditions, qualities and demands of these different spaces, which I hope will relate with some of the points from my introductory presentation. e.g. using a dynamic knowledge system that accept contradictions and oppositional positions with commonality and supporting rationale.

Looking excitedly to these explorations and discussions with you.




This workshop will be moderated by Jay Koh.

Moderator’s Bio:Jay Koh, born in Singapore and became a German citizen in 1999. He identifies himself as a Southeast Asian artist-curator. He begins in the early 90s’ his multifaceted practice to seek responsive, reciprocal, dialogical and critical engagement with others. Prior to art, jay was involved in social and health activism in Cologne that advocated caution over genetically engineered products and their applications in the medical fields. Under the platform of iFIMA – international Forum for InterMedia Art, founded in 1995, jay has created diverse public participatory art projects, symposiums and residency programmes across Europe and Asia; directed art spaces in Cologne (arting) and Yangon (NICA – Networking & Initiatives for Culture & the Arts) and initiated the Open Academy, an art-led, learning-driven, capacity building programme in Hanoi, Hue, Ulaanbaatar and Yangon, in collaboration with Malaysian artist Chu Yuan.

In the last few years he has been working mostly in Ireland, taking onadditional roles as an evaluator, mediator and mentor in arts relatedand resource development activities. In 2013 he obtained his Doctor of Fine Arts in cross-disciplinary artistic research at the University ofthe Arts Helsinki. In 2010 he was awarded a cultural diversitycurator fellowship in Northeast Scotland and from 2011-2014, he was a member of the research team Asian Arts and Performance Consortium. He has just concluded a durational public art project with Spaced Australia and continues to research on the ecological validation and answerability of public engaging art praxis. His research and experience has been published in a book on Art-led Participative Processes (ALPP), please see this link for info.