A soundscape is possibly the most malleable space that exists. With every pulsation, compression or release of vibrations through air particles in a space, a soundscape is built, dissolved or sustained. Sound and its relationship to temporal space reminds the viewer that everything is transient, and everything is in a state of flux. Think about a body in space. As you step into a room, the space changes – the stasis is ruptured and you are present within it. You recreate the space, this living body of sound surrounding you. There is nothing left to do but be present at the centre of this flux.

Opening reception: Fri 22 Aug, 6.30pm-10pm.

Exhibition opening hours:
Sat (23 Aug): 10am-12nn
Sun (24 Aug): 4-7pm
Mon+Tue, Fri (25+26, 29 Aug): 4-8pm
Wed+Thu (27+28 Aug): 3-6pm
Sat (30 Aug): 1-8pm *Lexical Traces (poetry reading) frm 5-6.30pm
Sun (31 Aug): 1-8pm

Huijun Lu has a keen interest in Art as a way of acknowledging the sensing audience and the properties of space, sound and movement. Starting with paintings, and then subsequently moving more towards sound and video installation, medium is a fluid art-making tool for her. Having studied and developed a passion for Art during her education in Singapore, as an O-Level and Art Elective Programme student, she received the Information Scholarship, from the Ministry of Communications and Information, to further her education in Fine Art at Goldsmiths, University of London. She has exhibited her work in 4squared, a group show at National Junior College in 2012, and We Are All Porous Bodies, a year-end showcase of works from the international extension year students at Goldsmiths in 2014. She is about to embark on her first year of the undergraduate degree, BA Fine Art.

Equipment partially sponsored by Home Ground Studio
Technical Director: Zhengjie Lu

This exhibition is part of More than [show] business – Post-PopUp at CCA. The project More than [show] business – Post-PopUp at CCA is a collaborative effort between Post-Museum and CCA, led by curators Anca Rujoiu and Vera Mey, with the additional support of the National Arts Council (NAC).

[Image: Settle by Huijun Lu (2014)]