Post-PopUp at CCA
Block 38, Studio #01-07
Malan Road, Gillman Barracks
Singapore 109441

Do Din (Two days): An experiment in co-producing urban knowledge

In the month of December 2013, a community arts event titled Do Din unfolded in the city of Hyderabad, India. Do Din, literally meaning Two Days, was a multiplex event – with art installations, film screenings, talks, workshops, exhibits and theatrical performances. What was unique about this event was the fact that it occasioned a number of unlikely encounters – cartographers with environmental activists, artists with slum residents, architects and planners with residents of historic neighborhoods and scrap dealers with economists. If thematically, Do Din was about engaging with circulation of images, memories, materials and exploring the nooks and crannies of the collective consciousness, the event was also conceived so as to performatively shift several imagined centres of gravity of the city.

This talk will draw on the work of a group of urban researchers who made this possible: a group which under the banner of Hyderabad Urban Lab has been attempting to put their academic research skills at the service of urban communities. Hyderabad is a four hundred year old city which was a princely state until 1948 when it became a part of independent India. After nearly five decades of slow and incremental growth, the city sprang into global IT labour markets in the late 1990s. In the last two decades, the city witnessed a rapid growth which put tremendous pressure on its infrastructure. Hyderabad Urban Lab is an attempt to rebuild a sense of embeddedness and belonging at the same time as reformulating questions of equity for the city’s multifarious communities. The talk will be illustrated with examples of the kind of research that takes collective resources of the city as its starting point.

About the Speaker

Anant Maringanti is the director of Hyderabad Urban Lab. After obtaining PhD in geography from the University of Minnesota, he spent two years in Singapore at the National University of Singapore as a postdoctoral fellow. During the two years, he was a familiar face to many at the Post Museum, where he anchored the Rowell Road Reading Group. A long time resident of Hyderabad, Anant Maringanti brings together an urban sensibility forged over three decades through education in technology, design, and social sciences and lived experience of working alongside artists, film makers, activists and academic scholars. He is widely published in academic and non academic journals. His current research and teaching interests include the law and the city in the global south.

The project More than [show] business – Post-PopUp at CCA is a collaborative effort between Post-Museum and CCA, led by curators Anca Rujoiu and Vera Mey, with the additional support of the National Arts Council (NAC).