This session is a discussion on KRONOLOGIDISASTER.

KRONOLOGIDISASTER is a research programme by Yogyakarta-based HONF ( and DORXLAB.

A project between art, architecture and science, KRONOLOGIDISASTER attempts to describe a complex mechanism through an open platform that was developed through organic method to build the dialectic between human and nature, human and human by building together (D.I.W.O; Do It With Others) a life-form of the ecosystem that would later become a survival mechanism when there are natural disasters that will undermine the basic components of life such as water, food, and energy supply.

The main goal of KRONOLOGIDISASTER is to bridge the practice, theories and innovative ideas from the fields of art, architecture, and science and actualise its application based on open platform, generic infrastructure and affordable technologies.

Location / Venue Supporter:
Independent Archive & Resource Centre (IARC)
67 Aliwal Street Singapore 199942