Lecture: The Right to the Field in the Era of Post-Ruin

We are now living in an era of post-ruin. The announcement doesn’t mean the disappearance of ruins but in fact, the transformation of ruins. More and more spaces, places and fields are becoming kind of ruin based on the way we shift in the space, which of those turned into ruins is because of the ignorances and exclusions . So here is the question, how can we recover our right to the field through certain kind of field exercise under this circumstances? Chiu will share his research and curatorial ideas for the attempt of opening up a space of discussion.

About the Speaker

Yves Chun-ta Chiu escaped from the ivory tower of philosophy in 2008 then entered the field of contemporary art and is an active role-player. He is very much inspired by Western philosophers, art theorists and masters’ pieces, but prefer to listen to masters in his own culture. He now conducts curatorial practice, art criticism, edition and researches, and conceives of the way how to figure out the real society by pseudo-sociology, how to process the production of knowledge by pseudo-discursive, and concern how the art relates to the society and life authentically.

[Image: The Way of Regime Opening event]
[Part of Survey: Space, Sharing, Haunting, curated by Post-Museum]