Post-PopUp at CCA
Block 38, Studio #01-07
Malan Road, Gillman Barracks
Singapore 109441

The Singapore Film Society presents a selection of Singapore heritage-themed short films that made it to the finals of the inaugural competition. These films are made by our young and enthusiastic filmmakers, who take a fresh look at different aspects of Singapore history.

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In no order of screening sequence:

Return to the Roots, by Team Cloudy
San Yi Ci, a Hakka columbarium in Singapore, unveils to us the rooted belief of a depleting generation of Singaporean Hakkas who has held on to their ethnic identity regardless of the change around them.

A Father’s Passion, by BillShootFilm Productions
“A Father’s Passion” is a documentary short film that explores how Mr Ong, a Taijiquan instructor, devotes more than 60 years of his life in pursuing his passion and perfecting the art of Taijiquan.

Lion City Dreamers, by Han & Annie
This is a documentary about a group of people involved in a performance art group. Established in 1965, Er Tong Ju she were made up of Chinese Educated individuals, popular in their days among the Chinese crowd. Most of them hold no degrees or formal education and yet today, they achieved immense success in their own fields. These are their stories.

Chinese Opera Dreaming, by WXYZ Production
Chinese Opera Dreaming showcases four local Chinese opera groups within this documentary. The filmmakers hope that interest for this craft will be further generated in young Singaporeans through the film.

The Village in a City, by 5th Avenue Pictures
In the midst of bustling city, have younger generation forgotten roots of the past? In this documentary, we discover reasons and why Kampong Lorong Buangkok should be preserved as heritage.

The Passion of Lion Dancers, by G Cube Production
Originating from different regions in China, lion dance splits into Northern and Southern Lions, which differs in appearances and performance styles. Yet the members from both troupes share a common passion in this traditional Chinese sport.

Peranakans: Then and Now, by Toothless Production
Peranakan: Then & Now’ is a short documentary about the Peranakan culture. In here, we will talk about how they have lived through the changes from the past, to the present.

[Image from Chinese Opera Dreaming]