Over the last few months, you have probably heard about our studio musings, paintings, meetings, talks and gatherings.

All thanks to our friend Chris for accommodating Post-Museum’s studio space in his living room. Also thanks to his house mates for sharing the same space, fridge and kitchen.

So we nicknamed the place “Niven Haven” because we had lots of fun being there, feeling free to create artworks and had lots of important Bukit Brown meetings. We have reached the end of temporal occupancy of Niven Haven and therefore decided to hold an “Open Studio”. Another reason for us to meet friends, engage in free-flow discussion and showcase some artworks made here (complete and incomplete).

These will include: Atelier Rakyat, Save Bukit Brown drawings and a silkscreen piece. So bring a T-Shirt to be silkscreened if you want.

As usual, there will be some fairtrade coffee and drinking chocolate for your consumption. For food, please buy some delicious pizza slices (veg/non-veg start from $5) from SLICE (@POMO mall) just around the corner of Niven Haven.

* Artworks and merchandise sold will go into supporting the Post-Museum Cultural Capital.

For more info, please call 92386609.