OutPost 11: Atelier Rakyat en plein air @ Bukit Brown Family Day
Bukit Brown Roundabout, 9am-1pm

Atelier Rakyat is the people’s art workshop which allows people to make art for the people and seen by the people.

This is an on-going project by Post-Museum inviting the people to make art which would visualise the world around them and through it visualise the future which they wish for.

As part of Bukit Brown Family Day, Atelier Rakyat will be going painting en plein air (in open air) at the beautiful Bukit Brown. We will be providing paint, canvases and paper to the people to make art about Bukit Brown. MPs, Civil Society and many individuals have debated furiously about the need to preserve Bukit Brown. Let your art add to the dialogue and hopefully visualise a new future and save Bukit Brown. Anything is possible when you visualise creatively. That is the power of art – it can give hope and liberate minds.

En plein air is a French expression which means ‘in open air’. It was used to describe the act of painting outdoors, which is also called peinture sur le motif (‘painting on the ground’) in French. The Impressionists (1865–1885) were the radicals in their time who preferred to work in natural light and hence painting en plein air became particularly important to them. If you think that Impressionist art was made a long time ago (147 years) and is incredibly rich in heritage, Bukit Brown is much older (179 years) as the earliest tomb found is from 1833 so that would be around the Late Romantism period.

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