Join us on Boxing Day to enjoy the lovely Bukit Brown Cemetery!

Held in conjunction with Walk Off the Calories organised by Rosalind Tan & friends, OutPost 4 will be a day spent in the lovely Bukit Brown Cemetery.

The tentative schedule is as follows:

Meet at the gates of Bukit Brown and proceed to walk around the cemetery. There are 3 suggested routes you can choose from:

* Route 1 – 3.9km skirting hills 5; 2; 4.
* Route 2 – 2.2km embracing “Prominent Hill”- Hill 3.
* Route 3 – 4.6km covering hills 5; 2; 3.

The planned routes deliberately take into account the location of the residents as in the map provided by API and supported by ONE* NORTH EXPLORERS.

We have some copies of the map for those of you who are coming.

Gather back at the gates for some refreshments. This is a potluck session so please bring along food and drinks to share with others! This is also the time to go somewhere else to use the toilet!

Painting time! We will be providing acrylic paint, cardboard pieces and small canvases for you to paint placards and paintings to help save Bukit Brown. We will collect and use these to push the campaign further.

Please note:
There are mosquitoes and some muddy tracks, so be appropriately dressed.
There are no toilet or washing facilities nearby.
A long umbrella can double up as a walking stick and for scaring away snakes.

Lastly, we will also be there to collect signatures for the petition to save Bukit Brown [].

So do join us. See you there!