Artist talk by Jes Brinch (Denmark)

The talk will be a personal presentation of the work of Jes Brinch in a relaxed manner. Dialogue and questions are welcome.

Jes Brinch’s art projects incorporate attacks on ordinary reality, existential investigations and humor in a direct and personal fashion. Any media is used uninhibited, both brand new as well as traditional media, and often in wierd combinations. Jes Brinch’s production includes installation art, object, light, sound, music, text, conceptual work, painting, sculpture and graphic print, anything without limitation. Art is made for the spectator, and Jes Brinch’s makes art that is both understandable and entertaining while giving food for thought and intellectual reflection. The art projects are produced from an existential point of view, and take a stand. Art is used as a critical tool to debate and question the values for life that is often taken for granted. Jes Brinch never worked in a linear style, but has made an effort to renew his means of expression. Examples of his work from 1990 to now are presented at the talk.

Entry by donation.