Post-Museum’s The Really Really Free Market Series began in 2009 when we started the Singapore chapter of the international social movement. The Really Really Free Market seeks to build strong¬†communities through the sharing of resources¬†in temporary autonomous zones.

Since 2009, the Singapore Really Really Free Market has been regularly held in various locations around Singapore.

In the following years, Post-Museum, with residents of the respective cities, has started various local chapters in the following occasions:

  • Fukuoka: The 4th Fukuoka Asia Art Triennale (2009)
  • London: No Soul for Sale (2010)
  • Chiang Mai: Dialogue on the Promise (2013)
  • Jakarta: Jakarta Biennale (2015)
  • Tokyo: Teratotera (2017)
  • Worcester: Worcester Art Museum Southeast Asian Artist Residency (2019)