The Really Really Free Market is coming to Worcester!

The RRFM is a temporary market based on a gift economy – all goods and services will be completely free, and anyone can participate to offer their items, knowledge and expertise.

The first Worcester RRFM is being organized by WAM’s Southeast Asia Artist-In-Residence Jennifer Teo of the Post-Museum, the artist collective which started the Singapore Really Really Free Market (SRRFM). SRRFM is one of the longest-running RRFMs in the world, meeting every two months with hundreds of participants.

The goal of the RRFM Movement is to emphasize the importance of community and caring for one another through the act of sharing resources and knowledge.

Everyone is invited to come share your skills/knowledge (tarot card reading, massages, chess playing, storytelling etc) or give away things (clothes, books, soft toys, etc) you no longer want. Please note that you would have to take back your items if they are not taken away by others. If you like, please post a message here regarding what you will be sharing so that we can all look forward to your contribution.

Everyone is also free to come enjoy a nice afternoon outdoors and partake in the sharing experience or take away things you need!

No registration is required, just come during the event, and look for the WRRFM front desk in the Courtyard.

If you are passionate about building a strong community and environmental efforts, we welcome you to join the WRRFM team so that WRRFM can take place regularly. Just post a message here!

Please note that admission to the courtyard is free but not to the museum exhibits. Also, in the event of rain, we would be moving the session indoor.