Hello, friends of Post-Museum,
We will be starting the garage sale on this Sunday 7th Jan until 21st Jan (opening times to be confirmed).

This garage sale is to help Your Mother Gallery raise some money for the rental of 2018.

It is kind of like our Shopper/Hero project in 2008 where a percentage of the sale from your products will be for the benefit of Your Mother Gallery.

Through the garage sale, we hope that everyone, especially the arts community, can help Your Mother Gallery and find another ‘reason’ to hang with each other — make connections with old and new friends.

So, potential sellers for the garage sale this is not a ‘leave’ your stuff and walk away situation. You will need to work with Your Mother Gallery on this and make your sale work for it too.

Setting up and selling will take place throughout the 2 weeks. PM us or post here if you have questions, and we will try to answer them as best we can.

[This is OutPost 169]