Lecture: Hold my hand: Choreographing social moves and small intimacies

Using his current project ‘Hold my hand’ as reference, Poon will discuss the various concepts within the field of choreography, social practice, movement and touch perception that have influenced his artistic practice. He will also bring up examples of how they inform and form the strategies that he uses to address social themes and to facilitate connection between people in his work. Moderated by Becca D’Bus.

About the Speaker

Ming Poon is a choreography and movement artist. Since 1993, he has been working in both Europe and Singapore. His movement practice is based on the principles of body relation and touch perception. He also holds a BA degree in Sociology and Psychology. In his works, he devises strategies that integrate his movement practice with elements from social experiment and interaction design, to bring about human interaction and connection. The aim is to open up meaningful ways of relating between people. His works touches on themes of intimacy and vulnerability, performance of care, body’s agentive and empathic potential, and performative social realities. www.mingapur.de

About the Moderator

Becca D’Bus is the producer and host of RIOT! Singapore’s only regular drag revue. She is one of the organizers of IndigNation, Singapore’s Pride Season.

[Part of Survey: Space, Sharing, Haunting, curated by Post-Museum]