Triptych of the Unseen (三聯九回腸) is the latest work in Post-Museum’s Bukit Brown Index series. An installation and a performance, this work features 3 characters (Ghost, Bureaucrat and Activist), who will present various perspectives on the on-going dialogue on the development of Bukit Brown.

Featuring Choreography by Bernice Lee in collaboration with Jereh Leung and Chloe Chotrani.

The exhibition is now on until 23 Sep (Wed-Sun 12-8pm); free entry.
Part of Deathsong, which is part of The Substation’s En Bloc, Or Buildings Must Die programme [].

There are Substation events on the 15th Sept (5pm -12am)which would be held in our installation, Triptych of the Unseen.

We encourage you to come to these events as they are about heritage discourse in Singapore. The events add an activate our work in meaningful ways.

However, you would not be able to experience and watch our full performance during these events.

The times when the virtual reality element is not available are the following:
Friday 14 September
Setting up for SAD – closed all day

Saturday 15 September
SAD event – closed all day

Sunday 16 September
Singapore Heritage Society AGM – closed all day.

Saturday 22 September
Closed from 12 – 4pm due to Ai Lin’s ‘Deliberative Forum’

If you really need to bring people to see the work. Check with Tien – to see if we can work around the space. (It is about sharing the space).

For more info about Triptych of the Unseen: