A 5-month collaboration with Nanyang Technological University’s Centre for Contemporary Art, from June to Oct 2014.

ABOUT More than [show] business: Post-PopUp at CCA

Post-PopUp is conceived as a platform for exploring different curatorial formats and ways of presenting and distributing art. It is hosted within one of the CCA artists’ studios as a site for events, happenings, artistic experiments, hanging out and spontaneity. The programme will unfold in several episodes, bringing together institutional, curatorial and artistic gestures. More than [show] business is a space that could be tested for a future of co-constituted creative spaces and artistic communities in Singapore, looking at institution building in tandem with artistic practice.

The project is a collaborative effort between Post-Museum and CCA, led by curators Anca Rujoiu and Vera Mey, with the additional support of the National Arts Council.


Block 38, Malan Road, Studio #01-07 (Gillman Barracks)


1. 13 Jun – Talk 1: Wildlife: 3 presentations on our relationships with wildlife, by Dr Alfred Montoya (USA), David Tan (SG), James Chua (SG)

2. 9 Jul – Talk 2: Public History In the Making, by Fiona Jack (New Zealand)

3. 23 Jul – Talk 3: Notes on Performance, by Kyla McFarlane (Australia)

4. 23 Jul – Show 1: i’ll drift on my hilltop and you can rest on yours – SophO (SG)

5. 26 Jul – Talk 4: The Production of Food is the Production of Stories: A Session with Elia and Dina, by Alexander Yang (SG)

6. 2 Aug – Talk 5: A Year in Film Factory, by Ghazi Alquzy (SG)

7. 6-17 Aug – Show 2: Happiness, Prosperity and Progress (Curated by Post-Museum)

8. 6 Aug – Talk 6: Collecting Data as Artwork, by Museum of Things I Want to Forget (SG), Wayne Lim (SG), The Photo Thing Team (SG)

9. 13 Aug – Talk 7: Ceramics and Community, by Madhvi Subrahmanian (India), Dr Wee Hong Ling (SG), Michelle Lim (SG)

10. 16 Aug – Talk 8: Do Din (Two days): An experiment in co-producing urban knowledge, by Dr Anant Mariganti (India)

11. 22-31 Aug – Show 3: Trace-Displace – Huijun Lu (SG)

12. 23 Aug – Show 4: Continuum (Automatic Itineraries) – Yen Phang (SG)

13. 23 Aug – Talk 9:  Towards Many Worlds: How to Create Imaginative Spaces with Role-Playing Games, by Tan Shao Han (SG)

14. 27 Aug – Talk 10: Seeing in the Dark: Lenses for a Post-PRISM Landscape, by Honor Hagar (New Zealand)

15. 5-14 Sep – Show 5: WHO’S LOOKING: SURF & TURF (Curated by FOCA)

16. 10 Sep – Talk 11: “Official” Heritage, by Dr Wong Chee Meng (SG), Yu-Mei Balasingam-Chow (SG), Gozde Zehnder (Turkey)

17. 12 Sep – Show 6: 1st Singapore Heritage Short Film Competition 2014 – Travelling Showcase (Singapore Film Society)

18. 17 Sep – Talk 12: Land Use, by Chun Kai Qun (SG), Dr Ian Chong (SG), Milica Topolovic (Serbia)

19. 20-28 Sep – Show 7: Veni, Weedy, Vici (aku pendatang, lalang, penakluk) – Isabelle Desjeux (France); Sewon FoodLab [Agus Tri Budiarto (Indonesia) and Cindy Lin (SG)]; and Luca Lum (SG), Raksha Mahtani (SG) and Chua Ying Qing (SG)

20. 24 Sep – Talk 13: Making Malaysia, by Fiona Lee (Malaysia), Dr Lai Chee Kien (SG), Imran Taib (SG)

21. 3-5 Oct – Show 8: Print Lab – Grey Projects (SG)

22. 7-9 Oct – Show 9: Vois sur ton chemin – Kelvin Atmadibrata (Indonesia) with Ivan Tan Eng Hong (SG)

23. 11 Oct – Show 10: Squatting Knowledges: Failure/s in a Constellation and as a Tribunal – DiscLab (Philippines)

24. 15 Oct – Show 11: Wed Night Clay Party – Awaken the Dragon Fest (SG)

25. 21 Oct – Show 12: Clay Party 2 – Awaken the Dragon Fest (SG)

26. 22 Oct – Talk 14: Ernabella Arts (Australia’s Oldest Indigenous Art Centre), by Ruth McMillan (Australia)

27. 25 Oct – Talk 15: Artist Talk + Collab + Demo, by Yuzuru Maeda (Japan), Kai Lam (SG), Urich Lau (SG)