A solo show by Cassandra Koh

Presented by Your Mother Gallery x Post-Museum

Date: 25 May – 15 Jun, 2019 

Venue: Your MOTHER gallery, 91A Hindoo Road, Singapore 209126


FB:  http://www.facebook.com/events/350205172298456


* See gallery opening times and also open by appointment 


Presenting a fantastical vision of anthropomorphic creatures (some of which represent the artist’s alter egos) working their way through an urban gym of physiological challenges, this installation sets the scene to address questions of identity and contemporary social concerns in the city-state described as a ‘unicorn’ among nations. Within this scene of alternate portals, contraptions, and surreal mutations, set against the backdrop of the ever-evolving civic district, the artist deals with the complexities of Singapore’s shape-shifting disposition.


Tapping into popular icons, mascots, and symbols to generate immersive scenes filled with humour, irony, and wit, this presentation will also incorporate elements of window dressing and product display. Through the vernacular of aspirational marketing, Unicorn Tears reveals the desire for individuality and transformation, challenged by a systemic society preoccupied with efficacy and excellence.


Contact Tien to arrange appointment (92386609)