The Ob/scene and Post-Museum presents a Panel Discussion on the Sex Trade in Singapore. The speakers will be the volunteers themselves from Project X – a project that aims to work towards the welfare and betterment of the sex workers in Singapore. They walk the streets of Geylang weekly to understand the realities of sex work and reduce the negative stigmas of sex workers. The volunteers befriend the sex workers, listen to their stories and find out what their needs are. The volunteers also distribute essentials such as biscuits, drinks and condoms to the sex workers.

This panel discussion serves as a follow-up to their recent forum theatre piece “How Much?” staged by DramaBox. This time round, the volunteers will be sharing their knowledge of the sex trade in Singapore, as well as their experiences with the sex workers. This will be followed by a Question and Answer session where you will be free to ask any question about Project X and the sex trade.

The aim of this session is to raise awareness and understanding of the daily lives of sex workers, the legal/economic/social role of the sex trade, and the role of Project X and its volunteers.

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Entry by donation to Post-Museum. 🙂