Reasoning is a type of thinking that we can use to be critical about what we read or hear. Reasoning is logical thinking. Traditionally, logical thinking is divided into the deductive and inductive. The aim of this workshop is to introduce deductive thinking to the layperson without a background in logic. We will try our hand at using deductive analysis to find the shape or structure of an argument in various passages. In doing so, we will see how conclusions are reached, given premises which are either hidden or explicit. If we have the time, we will explore some age-old philosophical puzzles that have delighted and entertained many.

This workshop is conducted by Lishan Chan and Preman. Seats are limited and participation is by donation.

Lishan has an MSc in Philosophy from the London School of Economics and a BA (Hons) in Philosophy and Politics from the University of York. She has tutored undergraduates in Logic at the National University of Singapore.

Preman is an educator who spent six years tormenting unsuspecting poly students, by making them reason about philosophy, problem solving and science. He now makes a living as an educational researcher. He has Masters degrees in Engineering and Education. He thinks that p-zombies are inconceivable and impossible.

For more details and to reserve a place, please call 8418-9844.