Sugei Buloh & Other Adventures

By Johnny Wong


Johnny Wong is an artist. He paints and his art re-uses the advertisement foam board in his neighbourhood. Doing so reflects his concern about the environment and his spirit of experimentation. He makes art because he believes that art can bring something special to the world. 

About Exhibition

Thank you for coming to the virtual showcase of the art of Johnny Wong. 

Circuit Breaker has been a difficult period for artist Johnny Wong.

Despite all the difficulties, Johnny is still productive and has been prolific in creating his art.

Johnny loves to meet people and share his art. Unfortunately, the circuit breaker has made it difficult to do so. 

This humble virtual showcase is an attempt for Johnny to find a platform to showcase his creations in the times of social distancing.  Doing this virtual showcase is the hope of making a social connection and gaining some kind of control of his life during this uncertain period. We will be providing more details about his work in this virtual showcase.

If you enjoy the work and would like to collect his art or you would like to help Johnny in his art journey. Please contact us!