Venue: Somewhere in Ang Mo Kio

Date & Time: 31 Dec 2020, 4pm – till ….

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Post-museum presents The Last Supper, a project by interdisciplinary artist, Fié Neo. We are bringing to you your must come event of the year. THE LAST SUPPER. Yes, it’s literally the last. Say goodbye to 2020 in a meaningful way! Physically distanced doesn’t mean we have to socially distance!

This is the place to connect and convene. (All the while adhering to physical distancing regulations.) Tired of zoom calls? Feeling anxious about the climate crisis and want to act? Passionate about creating change and looking to connect with like minded people? This is your place for it. Featuring: The last supper: Your unusual dinner table, the place to convene and connect. (We might have onions.) The “Take the blue pill then panic, but panic together” screening room.

Don’t scream while it screens. This is your must have film stop.How this works: We will curate intentional meetings with the most unexpected pairing. So come with an open mind because you might be meeting someone you won’t otherwise have met. Systems change require an intersectional approach and interdisciplinary collaboration. This is a starting point for it. Due to physical distancing regulations, we will have to do rotations of sessions to accommodate 5 pax max per session.

What you need to do: Fill up this google form.…/1FAIpQLSfiqtFLABJ…/viewform…Indicate your background, interests and all your time availability on the 31st of December. Slots available from 4pm onwards for an hour each. Limited slots available, first come first served.

We will pair you up with someone we think will be interesting for you to meet in the available time slot. You will receive an email confirmation of the time. If you can no longer make the slot, do send us an email update so that we can find another conversation partner to replace.And because I’m also a costume designer, come dressed in an outfit that best represents you!Address will be given upon confirmation.

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