The Singapore government has started work on the highway which would cut through the World Monuments Watch list site. Areas are being boarded up, graves are being exhumed and old trees being cut down. Come for a relaxing walk around Bukit Brown and catch a glimpse of the disappearing beauty and serenity of the original site while you still can!

We’ll meet just outside the historic gates along Lor Halwa for a 2hr walk introducing you to Singapore’s first Chinese Municipal Cemetery. In this walk, you’ll enjoy the lovely greenery and serene environment, see some of Singapore’s wildlife, visit some of our forefathers and learn more about the special heritage aspects of Bukit Brown.

Join us to find out why it is a travesty to destroy this historical and natural treasure trove!


1. RSVP is a must as we have only 15 spaces available. Please email with name, tel and number of spaces required and we’ll get back to you.

2. This is a free event but contributions to Post-Museum’s Bukit Brown project is very welcome.

3. We will be walking mainly on paved roads. Rain or Shine.

4. Wear light breathable clothing. Long pants and long sleeves if you are prone to insect bites or use a natural insect repellent.

5. Wear comfortable non-slip shoes as some areas have lots of leaves, roots and stones, safety is important.

6. Bring water, light snacks, rain gear/umbrella, a sunhat and waterproof your electronics and delicates.

7. Do go to the toilet before. There are NO facilities anywhere there or nearby.

8. Read up on Bukit Brown before going so you have a better understanding of the place (some websites are listed below).


Bus services available: 52, 74, 93, 157, 165, 852, 855.

By MRT and Bus :
From North: Go to Marymount MRT and walk to bus-stop #53019 along Upper Thomson Road. Take Buses 52, 74, 165, 852, 855
Alight 6 stops later at bus-stop, #41149, opposite Singapore Island Country Club (SICC), Adam Road. Walk towards Sime Road in the direction of Kheam Hock Road until you see Lorong Halwa.

From South: Go to Botanic Gardens MRT and walk to bus-stop #41121 at Adam Road, in front of Singapore Bible College. Take Buses 74, 93, 157, 165, 852, 855
Alight 2 stops later at bus-stop, #41141, before Singapore Island Country Club (SICC), Adam Road. Cross the bridge and walk towards Sime Road in the direction of Kheam Hock Road until you see Lorong Halwa.

For general travel directions, go to

Detailed directions and photos can be found at


[Image: The valley which the highway will destroy]