Since the movie’s release, The Man Who Fell to Earth (1976, dir: Nicolas Roeg) has grown to a cult status due to its surreal imagery, calm, meditative music and mood. It follows the life of a humanoid alien who becomes a billionaire and falls in love with a simple girl. She introduces him to religion, fashion, alcohol and humanoid sex. Torn between his growing attachment to life on earth, and the mission to save his dying planet, this film profoundly explores human values and desires; the clichés of social and cultural rituals; hoping against the odds.

“If you want to go into another world in which imagination leads you into recesses and crevices you haven’t visited…” –Tony Macklin

“…a cogent meditation on the corrosive power of capitalistic endeavor and hallucinatory dreams.” –Philip Martin

Starring David Bowie. 139min, in English.

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Part of Hope and the Stranger [].