Manicure Nature: Investigating Inter-Dependence of Urban–Nature Relationships is a Community and Public Art project organized by Artists Caravan. The objective for this project is to facilitate process driven programs, and interactive artworks that will ultimately result in site-specific dialogue.

Manicure Nature’s residency and exhibition is currently taking place at Dairy Farm Nature Park, till 29 June 2011. See for more info.

The project is envisaged to be a collaboration and dialogue of creative professionals from varying disciplines and backgrounds.

15 artists/creative individuals are:

Chan Mei Hsien
Ruyi Wong
Stephanie Cheng
Ong Xiao Yun
Joey P.L Soh
Nina Chabra
Vincent Chow
Davis KK Lee
Grace Jean
Mel Araneta
Sha Najak
Ngiam Shin-Shin
Kelvin Atmadibrata
Tai Shuxia
Suwong Kunrattanamaneephorn

This session will feature presentations from the individuals involved in the project.

Entry by donation (suggested: $8).