Bukit Brown Index in OutPost 89: M.E.L.T.ING Project

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Here are some images of our artworks on show in MOCA Taipei: Bukit Brown Index #108. List of Names of the Deceased to be Exhumed to Make Way for the New 8-Lane Road through Bukit Brown and Seh Ong Cemeteries (Unclaimed Tombs as of 1 March 2013) (detail view) Bukit Brown Index #109: Brownies at Their Chosen Spots in Bukit Read More

Setting up OutPost 89: M.E.L.T.ING Project

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We were recently in Taiwan for OutPost 89: M.E.L.T.ING Project. M.E.L.T.ING Project is a one-year conversation and exhibition project, curated by Yves Chun-Ta Chiu. We are showing Bukit Brown Index in the exhibition which is currently taking place in MOCA Taipei (15 May – 28 June). More info on the exhibition here. Here are some images of us setting up Bukit Brown Index Read More

Awaken the Dragon 2014 Exhibition Starts on Sat!

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After the successful firing of the Thow Kwang dragon kiln in November 2014, we are now presenting the fired works in this exhibition together with some info on the project and our process. Participants, please come to see the exhibition and collect your works there! Remember to bring your dragon number slip along! Please note Read More