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Hello again

So sorry for the radio silence. We’ve been busy with Post-PopUp, which is coming to a close at the end of this month. Wow, 4 months have flown by! Come join us for Singapore Really Really Free Market 32, in Post-PopUp,...

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Call for Proposals Closed

The deadline for submissions is now over. We have received over 40 proposals, including several from overseas, and will take the rest of the week to look through them. Thanks to those of you who submitted! We will contact you...

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Xinyao 32 years later

It wasn’t totally unexpected that such a large crowd would attend The Songs We Sang: Back to Book City (我们唱着的歌:重返书城) this Sunday afternoon (6 Jul). It was after all a free event and a rare occasion to enjoy xinyao (新谣), a...

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More than [show] business: Post-PopUp at CCA 13 June – 1 October 2014 Studio #01-07, Block 38 Malan Road, Gillman Barracks More than [show] business is a collaborative project between CCA – Centre for Contemporary Art and...

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We are working with Centre for Contemporary Art on a Post-PopUp in Gillman Barracks from June-Sep. As per our previous space in Rowell Rd, we would like this to be a shared space for the arts, culture and civil society....

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Arts NMP

I’m not a fan of the NMP system but will be attending the ArtsComm Town Hall Meeting later during which a person will be chosen as a nominee to represent the Arts. It’s happening at 72-13 from 2.30pm. Whether you...

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July 2020

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Really Really Free Chat Room #7: Another kind of singing at Home?

Really Really Free Chat Room #7: Another kind of singing at Home?

* Image from Chu Hao PeiSchedule for today:8.30pm Artist talk: World Dirt Association (WDA)9pm Artist talk: Gathering of Flocks In conversation with Khairullah Rahim, Rafi Abdullah and Woon Tien Wei9: 40pm Ivan Blow by Blow---------------------------------------------------As we are staying at home due to the lockdown of most services, social gatherings are greatly reduced.We are starting a series of live broadcast called the Really Really Free Chat Room which will broadcast every Tuesday, Thursday & Sunday, 8.30pm to Midnight SGT (UTC +8).

Posted by Post-Museum on Sunday, 26 April 2020