Happy Holidays friends! December is ending soon, and 2023 is knocking on our door. January is here, meaning Singapore Art Week (SAW) is coming just around the corner. This year, SAW will be taking place in the ‘early’ part of Jan (6 – 15 Jan 2023).
SAW is the most happening art event of the year because there will be so much going on! 113 events are listed in the guidebook this year.

SAW in 10 DAYS begins with a challenge – Can we see everything SAW offers (in the Singapore Art Week)?

We know. You must all be so excited 😉😉 to see all that art.

Before you say, “NO WAY. There is too much!”.

Let us make the impossible possible. If we cannot see everything, wouldn’t the journey be just as important as the destination? We think so.

SAW in 10 DAYS is an exercise to trace and map out Singapore’s art world in a 10-day art adventure ‘inspired’ by the events listed in the SAW guidebook.

2023 will be a bumpy ride for the Singapore economy with high inflation, GST hike, rising rentals and economic uncertainties. What happens to the arts when the economy is ‘bad’?

We invited our community of cultural workers to design and create journeys based on a ‘shoestring / P2P’ budget for this season of SAW in 10 Days. They have created innovative ways to see and experience art in times of austerity.

Let’s SAW together!

More info coming soon!


last updated: 26 Dec 2022

Project Credits

Artist / Curator
Woon Tien Wei

Elaine Foo

Art Pals
Harshita Agarwal
Johnson Tang
Jennifer Teo
Yen Phang

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