University of life 


University Of Life (UOL) Library

The UOL Library is part of Post-Museum’s UOL. It is part of the education arm of Post-Museum. The library is a nomadic library and a lending library. 


Library Services & Resources

The UOL Library is a collection of learning materials devoted to making space for collective and collaborative cultural work towards a future that is just and free. UOL is a fleeting learning instituition and the library is too. It pops up and circulate via alternative networks.
There is no formula for change – we all find our way. The library encourages self-learning, shared knowledge and collective exploring.


Reading & Study Groups 

Form Groups to read and study. Share and publish your collective studies & notes. 

Borrow Materials

You may borrow the library materials. Search our collection and arrange for a pick up. 

Library pop-up

Host a library pop-up in your living room, bed room, office pantry, parks and more. Contact us about organising! 

Latest Additions

Check out our latest library additions