People and nature together, they form ANH (alliance nature-human) against authoritarian governments and capitalist systems. Permaculture farmers, urban gardeners, animal rights activists, vegans, freegans etc. All these people are working with a network of nature to resist the current system. How can we understand their practice and what can art in the age of pandemic do in relation to their practice? 

We feature the practice of 5 Nature – Human allies in this project. You get to meet and know them in their element through ‘telepresence’ events. You can chat and learn more about them in our discord server. You can join our mail art network. 

 ANH (Alliance Nature Human), which Post-Museum is creating as part of Against the Dragon Light, a Seoul-Taipei-Singapore project. ANH focuses on humans who live in purposefully ways which forward the interests of nature.

Against the dragon light

<Against the Dragon Light> project seeks to research Socially Engaged Artists who resist the cultural ecology from above in the cultural practices that take place in the NIEs(Newly Industrializing Economies: Hong Kong, Singapore, South Korea, and Taiwan), and interact with them. Dragon Light is the name of a searchlight for police work and the metaphor of Four Asian Dragons. This project aims to identify the major cases about how (South) East Asian societies have dealt with ‘culture’ after the rapid growth and understand the topography of socially engaged art in (South) East Asian countries through the exchange and research about the cultural movements against the Dragon Light.

Our Allies

Balakrishnan Matchap

In the mid-90s, while i was working at the zoo, i heard about a group in Singapore called HEAL (Humane Ethics for Animal Life). Curiosity led me to them and my life was never the same again.
HEAL (essentially a Vegan/animal rights group) was ahead of its time, i believe it was the first group in Singapore to make the connection between personal food choices in relation to environmental degradation (something the United Nation’s Intergovernmental Panel for Climate Change – IPCC started focusing on only in recent times).
Here’s a quote from HEAL’s publicity material – ‘HEAL strives to do work that is beneficial for animals, humans and the environment. Thus, by supporting HEAL you are supporting a wholesome lifestyle that is better for ALL life on Earth.’
Sadly the group disbanded in 2001, and  since i was already a yoga teacher by then, i started an informal group called YEAH! (Yogis for the Environment, Animals & Humanity!). Thus the ‘Smilingyogi’ was born. 🙂

Pui Cuifen

A former scientist, Cuifen is crafting a new life path. She relishes the opportunity to learn with communities and co-leads ground-up projects like Project Black Gold, Compost Collaborations, and Boon Lay Nature Garden. Cuifen is nurturing a business start-up, to take community knowledge to schools and businesses. 

youmin yap

Youmin Yap is a pioneer and leading certified nature and forest therapy guide based in Singapore. She is passionate about sharing nature and forest therapy for well-being, especially for stressed out and disconnected city dwellers. She founded Xiu Nature Connections to trail blaze this body of work in this region to support people to replenish mind-body-spirit, reconnect with nature and place, and re-member with what truly matters.


Xiaoxi born in the 80s, spent her childhood right up to adulthood on the farm. While she was young, she thought it was common among her peers to play in the mud catching frogs when it rained and to turn over pails and barrels looking for her favourite earthworms. Little did she know how privileged it was to be able to experience farm life in modern Singapore. 

Skills: Identify quite a bit of herbs, fruits and vegetables. Feels deeper for the soil. 

 Result: Unconventional jobs.

 Feeling: A sense of loss. 2021 marks the final countdown and an end to an era for her family.

Derrick Lim

Derrick was born and raised in Singapore and the Ethiopian famine awoke his wondering heart and led to his involvement in different aspects of civil society. At 30, he sojourned further to live with people of various abilities in intentional communities. From New Zealand to South Africa, UK to Ireland he experienced the joy of caring for a child, running a household, keeping a shop and gardening. Settling into Singapore after 15 years of volunteer work, he and his wife hope to contribute to the country’s well-being. Sharing the realisation that each person is uniquely beautiful and to appreciate that each conscious step one takes to improve self and society, he or she is moving us on.

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Latest update

ANH Session #1: Morning with Pui Cuifen

Fri 22 Jan 2021. 
10am (SGT) Time in Singapore at Boon Lay Nature Garden.
Join Cuifen in her morning garden activity at Boon Lay Nature Garden. You will be meeting her and friends in action via tele-presence through an interactive zoom session. See you there!
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